Scent Notes


12:15 AM

5th & Main (#5 Chanel) Top:Aldehydes bergamotneroli lemon ylang ylang Middle:Jasmine rose iris lily of the valley Bottom:Vetiver patchouli sandalwood amber vanilla
Antique White Notes of Bergamot orange lemon geranium lilly rose patchouli & vetiver
Apple Chai Latte Notes of Apple Chai Tea Vanilla & coffee
Apple Chai Tea Top:Apple Green Tea Middle:Spice Ginger Nutmeg Bottom:Cinnamon Vanilla
Balsam Fir Top :Fresh Balsam Pine Middle:Bergamot Woods Bottom:Cedarwood
Bamboo Orchid Top:green Middle:orchid floral Bottom:musk wood
Banana nut bread Notes of Nuts Banana Spice Vanilla & Bakery breadk
Bay Rum Notes of Rum Bergamot Cinnamon Allspice Clove leaf eucalyptus Musk Vanilla Sage
Bayberry Notes of Bayberry clove cypress balsam and fir
Black Cedarwood & Juniper Notes Very light citrus exotic florals clove buds woods Jo Malone DUPE
Black Cherry Merlot Top: Black Currant Apple Middle: Black Cherry Red Wine Clove Base: Oak Amber Vanilla

Bourbon on the Rocks

Notes of orange bergamot clove midnight orchid musk leather oak cask and patchouli

Cactus Flower and Jade Notes of Agave aloe chrysanthemum Green Floral Green Leaves Patchouli
Champagne Top: lemon lime grapefruit bergamot Middle: floral blossom fresh ginger Base: woody white musk
Cherry Almond Notes of Cherry Almond Musk
Citrus and Basil Notes Citrus Lime Basil Green Musk Woods


Notes of Orange Bergamot grapefruit rose litchi jasmine patchouli Manila musk vetiver
Cotton Candy Notes of Black currant strawberry raspberry sugar freesia tonic vanilla light musk
Cozy by the fire Notes of Bergamot mahoganyMusk
Dirty Mechanic Notes of Orange and Patchouli
Eucalyptus and Mint Notes of mint eucalyptus musk


Notes of Bergamot Green Tea Jasmine Rose Freesia Orchid Musk Sandalwood Patchouli

Fresh Baked Bread

Smells just like freshly-baked bread; light on the yeast, and heavy on the crisp crust

Fresh Brewed Coffee Worlds best coffee
Fresh Leaves Notes of Citrus Chrysanthemum apple berry green leaves pecan ad cedar
Gardenia Notes of Green Jasmiine violet spice musk


Notes of: Passionfruit, Lemon, Peach followed by Rose, Orange Blossom, Peony, Jasmine and a base of Sandalwood, Vetiver, Vanilla

Honey walnut & Plum Notes of Orange Peelwalnt Honey plum butter vanilla & sugar
Honeysuckle and Jasmine Notes of Hyacinth neroli gallbanum cassis leaf iris jasmine honeysuckle rose lily of the valley sandalwood
Hydrangea Notes of Hydrangea Lilly carnation spice
Juniper Berries Notes of Juniper and fresh berries and balsam
Lavender Lavender 40/42
Lavender and Morroccan Mint Notes of Lavender40/42 soft powder sugar and mint
Lemon Chiffon Notes of Lemon Green Sugar cake batter and lemon peel
Lemon verbena Notes of Bright Leon Mexican lime California orange lemon verbena lemongrass primrose violet leaves white musk
Mimosa Top: Mandarin Champagne Middle: Mimosa Coconut Base: Amber Sandalwood Vanilla
Moonstone Notes of blood orange white Jasmin golden honey orange blossom black currant peach grapefruit bergamot magnolia orchid freesia mug lily cognac light patchouli white amber myrrh white musk
Mulled Cider Notes of green citrus orange apple peach cinnamon musk
Patchouli and Sandalwood Notes of Grape Citrus Orange Lime floral Patchouli Musk Supernova Dupe
Peony Notes of Green Fresh Rose Violet Jasmin Musk Ozone
Peppermint Twist notes of Coconut milk peppermint chocalate vanilla
Pineapple Sage Notes of Pineapple Sage rosemary eucalyptus bergamot herbal notes pine rose creamy notes sandalwood amber
Pinot Noir Top: Green Floral Green Leaves Ozone Middle: Fig Jasmine Base: Light Musk Wood Moss
Pumpkin Chai Latte Notes of Orange peel Cinnamon Nutmeg pumpkin Graham cracker
Pumpkin Spice Notes of Pumpkin cardamom cinnamon brown sugar almonds apple and vanilla
Riesling Top: Apple Peach Grapefruit Middle: Cherry Blossom Hydrangea Base: Vanilla Powder
Rose Gold Notes of Mimosa Acacia Leaf Rosebud Mint Strawberry Lemon Black currant Berry Plum Leather Tonka bean Woods Vanilla Musk Honey Compare to Rose Jam by Lush
Rose Quartz Notes of Bergamot Orange Grapefruit dries rose petals jasmine sandalwood musk
Sauvignon Blanc Top- lemon lime crisp Middle – herbs white floral green warm woody Bottom – moss musk oak
Sea Minerals Notes of Ozone Linen Eucalyptus sea salt freesia moss powder


An ironically named fragrance that illustrates a seductive Oriental blend of sweet almond, dark coffee, creamy tonka bean, rich cacao, jasmine, and orange blossom notes. Its sexy aroma defines “femme fatale.”

Smoked Vanilla Notes of Creamy vanilla warm amber oak moss and sandalwood
Strawberry Gelato Notes of Champagne Rose Jasmine Cream Sugar Benzoin Light Musk
Sugared Chestnuts Notes of sugar cardamom cinnamon chestnut clove amaretto butter and tonka
Sweet Orange Notes of Orange
The Perfect Garden Notes of Lavender Jasmine Lily-of-the-valley nectarine fresh honey oak musk
Tobacco and out Notes of patchouli sandalwood whiskey out tobacco
White Tea and Ginger Citrus Peonies lavender geraniums sandalwood musk